Our Mission

We are dedicated to supporting diocesan and parish leaders in promoting a vision of parish centered on Small Christian Communities as basic units of parish. We believe in the parish as the “School of Discipleship” to transform persons into disciples of Jesus Christ. 

We do this by Promoting and building on our mutual experience of Small Christian Communities (SCCs) rooted in the early church. Resourcing and supporting each other through discussion and training. Collaborating with other organizations that promote SCCs. 

We are a network of diocesan and parish leaders and organizations that ministers with dioceses and parishes from North America who are actively involved in strategizing and supporting the development of Small Christian Communities. We support each other in the effort to achieve the vision. 


Our History

The NAFSCC was formed in 1984 from dioceses completing Renew in order to provide continuing mutual support for their small groups through networking, conferencing, training and sharing resources in the United States and Canada. 

Going Forward The NAFSCC has developed a new interactive website that offers resources, training, webinars, updates on SCCs and what’s happening in many places as well as places for conversation and sharing. 

Our hope is to offer ways to assist leaders in helping people to encounter Jesus Christ, deepen their relationship with him, and live out their faith in everyday life. SCCs are especially appealing to young adults, young parents concerned about passing on the faith to their children, and teens. 

Our desire is to see the parish as a “School of Discipleship” to form and transform disciples who are equipped to spread the Good News!   


Webinars for Networking
  • to gather with fellow members sharing resources and information
  • for training and sharpening skills for growing SCCs in dioceses and parishes
  • Seasonal Virtual Faith sharing with members
  • Seasonal Online Meet and Greet with Members
  • Archive of past Webinars
  • Email Blasts bi-weekly/monthly

  • Mentoring and outreach to members
  • Networking Phone Calls
  • Regional Gatherings and trainings by appointment
  • Availability of Board members with experience in nurturing SCCs
  • Opportunities for members to share their experience and resources with others
  • Links to other websites
  • Members Only section on the NAFSCC Website with additional information and resources”